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An abundance of blooms in January

“What do you have?” That’s a questions some of our customers ask when they call to place an order. The full answer would be a long list, so we usually just respond with a short list.

We describe FlowersFlowers as a European style flower shop. What does that mean? It means we have a wide variety of flower types, we sell the flowers by the stem, and it’s a market driven variety. The flowers are easily accessible to customers who walk into the shop; they can walk around and see what we have, the costs are posted, and they can pull the stems themselves to make an arrangement, or can ask for our assistance. We are unique in our area to sell flowers in this manner.

ffshop-callas-tableSo, what IS available on this cold and windy day in January when we have a blizzard warning that is expected to dump 24+ inches of snow on us? The flowers come from distance warmer (!) places, and I’d like to share a sampling of them with you, via photos on the internet!

The callas ranging from shades of orange to burgundy are from Holland, the mokara orchids are from Thailand, and the bold yellow freesia is from California.ffshop-flowersWe have green and burgundy hypericum from South America, pink and white stock from California, and hydrangea from New Zealand. There’s also fragrant mimosa, snowy ginestra, pastel lisianthus, and much more!

ffshop-flowers2And, then of course there’s the bunches of colorful tulips, fragrant hyacinths, and delicate muscari, all from Holland.

When you walk into the shop in January, you transition from the cold Midwest wind and snow to the warm fragrant abundance of FlowersFlowers. The spring flowers let you imagine it’s April in Chicago, before you head back out into the cold again. Hopefully you’ve chosen a few blooms to take home with you.


Photos in this blog were taken by the talented Rebecca Plotnick. My many thanks to her for capturing the essence of the flowers.

Shopping local….what it really means…..

Want to make an impact on your local economy?
You can!

That’s the main message of The 3/50 Project. The basic numbers are simple, from their website:

Select 3 independent brick and mortar businesses you would miss if they disappeared.

If half the employed population spent $50 at 3 locally owned independent stores, it would generate more then 42 billion (!) in revenue

For every $100 spent in locally owned independent businesses, $68 returns to the community through taxes, payroll, etc. vs. only $43 if spent at a national chain vs. $0 if spent online.

The number of people it takes to make a difference. YOU can make a difference.

See The 3/50 Project website for more details – and make a difference.